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Miguel's. . . .
Fine jewelry, gold and gifts under one roof
by Donelle Fenwick McBartlet

Like every great treasure ever found, miguel's is well hidden, tucked away in a quaint shopping center waiting to be discovered by visitors to Mazatlan and oh, what a find you'll make you visit.

Located across the street from Pueblo Bonito in the Mexican Arts and Craft Center, the two stores occupy the very end of the shopping center. Miguel's is one of those great discoveries which makes a vacation especially enjoyable because a person always seems to find that "something special" which is "perfect" for either themselves or someone back home.

Another plus side of shopping here is that it is so peaceful and quiet. You can really enjoy looking around and receive prompt, personal attention to your questions from the knowledgeable staff because of the lack of a crowd.

As you enter his jewelry store on the left side, it becomes clear that you have entered a first class jewelry store where quality silver and gold are sold. While the majorrity of the jewelry in Miguel's is silver, there is also fine gold pieces and silver jewelry with gold overlay.

The selections is outstanding from simple to elaborate designs, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces, Miguel's has a fine assortment for every age - from the tiniest of children to senior citizens. Many of the pieces are accented with semiprecious stones.

And yes, there really is a Miguel. Miguel Marrujo is a knowledgeable and amicable gentleman. His succes story is as interesting as his wares. He started out the years ago as beach vendor selling jewelry from a large, black case to tourist. Slowly but surely he saved enough money to expand to where he is today. That was eight years ago. But when that expansion came, he still needed to continue selling on the beach for awhile to help support his new business venture. Beacause of this outgoing personality and honest manner, he is a person whom others remember. When tourists came back to Mazatlan year after year, they looked for him, remembering the quality pieces they bought from him and enjoyed. He then told them about his store and the many more items they would find there. Three years ago he expanded his business line to include fine arts and crafts from all over Mexico. They are available directly across from his jewelry store. As a result of his determination and hard work, he was able to stop selling on the beach two years ago and devote all of his energy to his stores.

From copper and leather lamps to complete table service, including fine silve and pottery serving dishes and handloomed table clothes, you can decorate and furnish a home with your purchases from Miguel's.

Cobalt blue is color which is popular and is sought after by many people who are attracted to the rich depth of the color. Miguel's is a store where those who love the color will think they've discovered a special kind of heaven. Then there is his lipstick red and gold wine glass. They are so strikingly unusual that they will surely rival the most exquisite wine for the center of conversation at the dinner table.

All prices you see in his store are selected by him and he explains his selections by saying, "Everything I carry is interesting to me and so pretty".

Of the wide variety of mexican arts and crafts selections, he explains, "You have all the feelings of the artist in each piece. The people who make these pieces are real artists who enjoy their work. I love to see them make the pieces because the artists share their energy and their souls in each piece".

Now if all of this seems like plenty to keep one man busy, it is. But not Miguel Lizarraga. He recently expanded his business to included another store, "Gallery Michael" in the golden zone. Located next to the Shrimp Factory on Las Garzas, it is convenient shopping for those who are in the golden zone. Look for the same fine quality jewelry, arts and crafts in this store as you will find in his first two stores.

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