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mazatlan city bus services - mazatlan bus routes

Welcome to Mazatlan!!
Mazatlan city bus services - Bus routes

Sabalo Centro Bus
From North to South Route
Operates daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Fare: $ 7.50 pesos per person
Note: Ticket is good one way only, once off the bus tickets is finished.

It passes by: Vidafel Mayan Palace hotel, Torres Mazatlan hotel, El Rancho hotel, Marina del Rey hotel, Marina del Sol hotel, Playa Maria hotel, Marina Mazatlan, Cerritos avenue, Camaron Sabalo avenue, Marina El Cid hotel, Faro Mazatlan hotel, Pueblo Bonito hotel, Luna Palace hotel, Costa Marinera restaurant, The Place restaurant, Oceano Palace hotel, Caravelle Beach Resort hotel, Tonys on the Beach restaurant, Chilis Pepper restaurant, Hiesta Inn hotel, Official Store Sr. Frogs, Las Canoas Restaurant, El Quijote Inn hotel, Solamar Inn hotel, Pueblito Grill restaurant, Holiday Inn hotel, El Botete restaurant, Casa Country restaurant, Islas del Sol hotel, Los Arcos restaurant, El Moro Tower hotel, El Cid Castilla, Granada El Cid hotel, The Inn at Mazatlan hotel, Banorte Bank, Santander Serfin Bank, Costa de Oro Hotel, Gus Gus Restaurant, Royal Villas Hotel, Balboa Tower Hotel, Official Store Sr. Frogs, Michael Gallery Store, Magic Bazaar Shop Center, Balboa Walk in Clinic, American Express Office, Dairy Queen restaurant, The Golden Zone Shopping District, Banamex Bank, Bancomer Bank, Santander Serfin Bank, Panama restaurant, Burger King restaurant, El Taco Loco restaurant, Las Gaviotas Theater, Vista Tours Office (Land Tours), Riviera Mazatlan hotel, Mc Donalds restaurant, Fiesta Land (Bora Bora & Valentino Discoteque), Avenida del Mar (Ocean side avenue), Coliseo Discoteque, Howard Johnson Don Pelayo hotel, Amigo Plaza hotel, Occidente University, Olas Altas Inn, Bellamar restaurant, Hotel, Sr. Frogs restaurant, La Botana Night Club, Roca Mar restaurant, Acuario hotel, Del Sol Hotel, Suites Venezia, Las Arenas (sands) Hotel, Agua Marina restaurant, De Cima Restaurant, Hacienda Hotel, Plaza Marina Hotel, Social Security Hospital, The Fisherman Monument, Claussen Avenue, The Fish Market, One block from "Las Changueras" (The Shrimp Market), The Cathedral, The Public Market, Downtown zone, Belisario Dominguez Street, One block to the left the bus stop is The Historical Center Zone where are located The Angela Peralta Theater, Casa Machado Museum, Pedro & Lola restaurant, El Portal Latino restaurant, Beach Burger restaurant, El Tunel Restaurant, Cafe Pacifico bar & restaurant, Dionisios Vegetarian restaurant, One and two blocks to the right the bus stop are located La Espiga de Oro (the oldest town bakery), Casa Antigua, Bahia restaurant, the bus route ends on Miguel Aleman avenue.

Sabalo Centro Bus
From South to North Route
Operates daily from 5:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Price: $ 7.50 pesos per person
Note: Ticket is good one way only, once off the bus tickets is finished.

It Passes by: Miguel Aleman Avenue, Olas Altas Avenue, Freeman hotel, Belmar hotel, La Copa de Leche restaurant, La Siesta hotel, The Shrimp Bucket restaurant, Angel Flores Street, Plaza de los Leones, The City Hall, Republica Plaza, Benito Juarez street, Post Office, The Cathedral, Las Nuevas Fabricas Department Store, Offical Store Sr. Frogs, Panama restaurant, The Public Market, Farmacia Moderna, Centro de Salud Clinic, Avenida del Mar (Ocean side avenue), The Fish Market, The Fisherman Monument, El Pollo Loco restaurant, Social Security Hospital, Rin Rin Pizza, Plaza Marina hotel, Hacienda Hotel, De Cima Hotel, Agua Marina Hotel, Las Arenas (sands) Hotel, Suites Venezia, Del Sol Hotel, Acuario Hotel, La Botana Night Club, Sr. Frogs Restaurant, Olas Altas Inn Hotel, Bellamar Restaurant, Universidad de Occidente, Amigo Plaza Hotel, Howard Johnson Don Pelayo Hotel, Coliseos Discoteque, Fiesta Land (Valentino & Bora Bora), Mc Donald Restaurant, Riviera Hotel, Vista Tours Office (Land Tours), Playa Gaviotas Avenue, Playa Bonita Hotel, Los Sabalos Hotel, Playa Mazatlan Hotel (Mazatlan famous Mexican Fiesta), Plaza Gaviotas Hotel, Azteca Inn Hotel, Gringo Lingo restaurant & night club, Rio Grill restaurant; The Shrimp Factory, back to Playa Gaviotas avenue Offical Store Sr. Frogs, Ernie Tomatos Restaurant, Sea Shell City Museum, Margaritas Restaurant, No Name Cafe, Blue Cactus Restaurant, Camaron Sabalo Avenue, Official Store Sr. Frogs, American Express Office, Balboa Walk In Clinic, Magic Bazaar Shop Center, Michael Gallery Store, Balboa Tower hotel, Official Store Sr. Frogs, Royal Villas Hotel, Gus Gus restaurant, Costa de Oro hotel, Santander Serfin Bank, Banorte Bank, The Inn at Mazatlan Bank, Granada El Cid hotel, El Cid Castilla hotel, El Moro Tower hotel, Los Arcos restaurant, Islas del Sol Hotel, La Casa Country Restaurant, Holiday Inn Hotel, El Quijote Inn hotel, Las Canoas Restaurant, Solamar Inn Hotel, Fiesta Inn Hotel, Chilis Pepper restaurant, Tonys on the Beach restaurant, Caravelle Beach Club hotel, Oceano Palace hotel, Costa Marinera restaurant, The Place restaurant, Luna Palace hotel, Pueblo Bonito hotel, Faro Mazatlan hotel, Marina El Cid hotel, Marina Mazatlan, Cerritos Avenue, One to two blocks to the left from bus stop are located: Pato Blanco hotel, Playa Escondida condominiums, Marina Tennis hotel, back on main avenue Cerritos are located: Playa Maria hotel, Marina del Sol hotel, Marina del Rey hotel, El Rancho hotel, Torres Mazatlan hotel, Vidafel Mayan Palace hotel end of route.

Mazatlan inhabited by Totorame, Xiximes and Cahitas tribes,
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