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mazatlan gastronomy - authentic mexican food and sea food

Welcome to Mazatlan!!
Mazatlan Gastronomy

The city and port of Mazatlan, Mexico has a big variety of sea food, Mexican food and international food restaurants for all kind of visitors.

Meats: Flank steaks, bbq ribs, American cuts, broiled meats, pork chops, sirloin, T-bone, beef fajitas, cabreria, arrachera, chicken, etc.

Sea Food: Shrimp, Lobster, Fish, Tuna, Octopus, Squeed, Scalop, Oyster, Red Snapper, Macarol, Dorado, Marlin, Abulone,etc.

In Mazatlan you will find all kind of dishes as:
Appetizers: Nachos, guacamole, shrimp cocktail, oyster cocktail, avocado filled with shrimp, mushrooms garlic style, melted cheese, coriander cheese, squeed deep fried or breaded, oyster rockefeller or devil style (very hot dish), Chicken wings, etc.

Soups: Checken, broth, xochitl soup, aztec soup with tortilla, onion soup, sea food soup with shrimp, oyster, squeed, octopus and scalop. Cream soup of mushrooms, corn or brocoli, lobster and shrimp bisque, etc.

Salads: Green or mixed salad, green salad with shrimp, shrimp salad, chicken salad, tuna salad, ceasar salad.

Pastas: Spaghetti scampi with shrimp, spagetti with sea food, spaguetti pomodoro with tomato sauce, spaguetti bolognesa with ground meat, fetuccini alfredo with ham & chicken.

Chicken: Breaded, with mole (a cooked chicken with melted chocolate and other specias), bbq chicken, grilled style, fajitas, chicken enchiladas swiss style, etc.

Sea Food: Garlic fish filet, breaded and veracruz style fish, fish filet with shrimp sauce, char broiled fish filet, fried red snapper or charcoal style red snapper, grill shrimps, breaded shrimp, ranchero style shrimp, shishkebab style shrimp with pepper, shrimps guajillo style, three island style shrimp (stuffed garlic and breaded), lobster thermidore or grill, franciscana shrimps (cook at your table), Rocky style shrimp (stuffed with yellow cheese, rupped with bacon and cooked in khalua sauce, orange cook shrimp, etc.

Mexican style: Mexican combination plate (taco, quesadilla, beef, stuffed bellpepper, guacamole and beans. Char - broiled beef "tampiqueña" style served with bellpepper and onion sliced, mole enchilada and beans.
Beef steak "ranchero style", tenderloin tips "mexicana" style. Chicken or beef enchiladas, krispy tacos or tostadas (beef or chicken), chicken or beef sopes, stuffed bellpeppers with shrimp, cheese or beef.

Other: Mignon with mushrooms, beef shishkebab, beef shops, t-bone, top sirlon, rib eye, new york, beef arrachera tex mex.

There are so many wonderful dishes to eat in Mazatlan that you won´t ever forget your Mexican vacations.

Mazatlan inhabited by Totorame, Xiximes and Cahitas tribes,
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