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Welcome to Mazatlan!!

Mazatlan is located in the northwest of Mexico right in the state of Sinaloa. The city is international known as the Pearl of the Pacific with 750,000 inhabitants.Mazatlan means "Land of the Deer" in the nahuatl indian language, it was founded by Nuno de Guzman in 1531 year. This is the only port of The Mexican Riviera that has an incredible zone known as "The historical center" where wonderful old houses, restaurants, hotels, bars and open air cafes are located.

The beautiful narrow streets of the oldest zone invites to come to writters, painters and everyone who likes to feel step back in. Mazatlan has several miles of white sandy beaches, blue waters and fantastic islands that are perfect for kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing or sailing. Mazatlan has an excellent gastronomy where to find all kind of typical dishes as Tostadas, Enchiladas, Gorditas, Tacos, Asado, Pozole, Menudo or delicious sea food as Shredded marlin, zarandeado (smoked fish), Khalua shrimp, lobster or just a juicy steak well done with salad, smach potatoe and guacamole.

Mazatlan has a variety of hotels in the new zone well known as Nuevo Mazatlan or if you prefer in the Golden Zone where all shopping, discoteques and bars are located. Another area to stay is in Playa Norte zone where the parade of the carnival festivities are celebrated or in famous Olas Altas avenue where old style hotels are located but where many romantic people love to stay.

Mazatlan is also the only tourist destination in Mexico with so many land tours in the Mexican pacific coast, you can have tours in the city or outside the city. Some of the recommended tours are: City tour, Copala Mountain tour, Las Misiones tour, Elota tour, El Quelite tour, Tequila tour, Culiacan tour, Rosario Golden tour, Teacapan River Boat tour, San Blas jungle tour, Mexcaltitan Aztec Island tour, Farming tour, Sinaloa Traditions tour. Some days tours depart from our city as: The Monarch Butterfly tour, Guadalajara Mariachi Land tour, The Fire Opal tour, Isabel Island tour, Explora Jungle tour, Altata tour, Independence Route tour or other tours available in Mazatlan are: Stone Island tour, Deer Island tour, Bass Fishing tour, Mexican Fiesta tour, well there are so many tours our destination has that you might need more then one visit to our city.

Shopping in Mazatlan is just spectacular, places where to shop are several as: The famous Golden Zone where to find leather shops, jewleries that offers the famous Mexican Fire Opals from Magdalena, Jalisco. Other place to shop is the Oldest Zone where to find antiques, leather masks and all kind of clay articles, right here is just the perfect place where to relax and shop.

Another place is in Mazatlan Mercado zone where locals loves to go to bargain and where to find wonderful leather shoes as well as that gift you are looking for that special person. Mazatlan offers a lot of history as when the city was consider an international port or the origin of Olas Altas avenue, etc.

Mazatlan inhabited by Totorame, Xiximes and Cahitas tribes,
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